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Irish eggs Benedict @ladygregorys on Clark. A very tasty breakfast on a perfect St Pattys day

@ Lulubelle’s Pancake House on Southport…creating omelettes almost the size of the plate!

First breakfast at Hartstone Inn in Camden, Maine. Baked ham n eggs, roasted tomato, homemade wheat bread. 

First breakfast at Hartstone Inn in Camden, Maine. Baked ham n eggs, roasted tomato, homemade wheat bread. 

Elly’s Revisited

This place is really a go-to, easy spot for a very filling meal, albeit in a retro-fitted diner atmosphere. I’ve now been here close to a dozen times in the last couple years.  I love their breakfast items - at all hours of the day. Seen here are pancakes, double-eggs, bacon, and the best fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice in the city. The wife loves the savory items - as she chose a reuben sandwich stacked high, with fries that taste like they are double-fried (extra crispy). 

It’s clean, service quite reliable, and wait times usually a bit better than that other gem of a breakfast spot - Yolk. And who wouldn’t want to sit in a restaurant where all the chairs are different??

Is it the friendly staff? Is it the delicious Metropolis bottomless coffee? Is it the eccentric uber-delicious brunch? At M.Henry, it is a combo of all three. I’ve been here about 5x in the last couple years, and every time it is damn good. You feel like you’re in someone’s home and you’ve just been invited for brunch…..

With a small space to wait, this place was already filled up around 9:30am on  a Sunday morning - and now I know why - because hardly any other place in Andersonville is open on Sunday that early! Thankfully we didn’t have to wait more than 20min. The bakery is fully stocked if you need a little nibble to hold you over! 

Since the dining areas can be packed, they have arranged the room in such a way that you don’t feel crowded. A few hanging dividers make it nicely sectioned off. 

Our server warmly greeted us and returned hastily with coffee and a latte. They serve a decent range of espresso drinks here too. Even though the place was jammed, the turnover was speedy and it didn’t take long for our food. And the food!!!

We got the lemon crab & shrimp benedict: it came with swiss chard, creme fraiche, shallots, and 2 beautifully poached eggs w/lemon hollandaise and a green salad. The crab and shrimp was formed into a cake, then topped with the eggs. It had a great combo flavor of fresh seafood and was even better the hint of lemon from the hollandaise. 

M.Henry also does a great job with their salads - they are not overly dressed, so it feels very light and complements the main entree, offsetting the heaviness of the benedict. I got the bacon-wrapped baked eggs with polenta and mixed greens. Just like a filet, the baked eggs were formed into a mold and wrapped with a thick slice of peppery bacon. Mixed in was the creamy polenta. it was a fun way to eat a combo of fat, protein, and carbs…

Here is the half-eaten version:

Don’t forget pancakes! M. Henry also does some magic with these fluffy objects, making everything from berry pancakes to french toast and crepes. The menu isn’t huge, but when you are serving food this fresh and good, it doesn’t have to be. 

The wait can get long, so don’t be surprised when they say 45min wait on a weekend morning. Get there early or late - there’s a reason why this place is busy!!! 

M.Henry feels like it should exist in Madison, Wisc or Iowa City, Iowa. It feels like a small town inside, but thankfully, it exists in Chitown. Service is great, staff is moving to get you fed and satisfied, and how could one not be happy with that? They don’t take reservations, but they are BYOB! Hell, even try them for lunch if you want to sleep in!!